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How to shock the right wingers in your life




Challenge the system. Become what they most fear - a lesbian, a feminist, and a liberal. Or at least an open minded, free thinker.

How to shock the leftists in your life.

Dare to think for yourself.

Don’t follow the crowd.

Be a female conservative.

Make an argument for pro-life principles, based on legal reasoning.

Be a gay conservative.

Make a reasonable argument as to why you prefer Civil Unions to marriage.

This is legit. Like. Very.

Except I sincerely hope you’re argument for civil unions is that it wouldn’t be as big a deal if civil unions had the same rights and privileges that are bestowed on heterosexual marriages… because otherwise your argument is that you enjoy the government taking away your rights??

Look at the link on my page that talks about my view on gay marriage. That should explain it sufficiently.

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