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If you think that a fetus is just a ‘clump of cells’ unless you want the pregnancy…



…you might be a liberal.

Because that’s clearly the only way to justify why it’s legal to murder your own child, but it’s double homicide if someone ELSE kills you and your unborn child.

And yes, that’s a law in California…upheld by the California Supreme Court in 2004.

oh my god it is always a clump of cells because that is what an embryo is not to mention we are all made of cells 

I phrased it that way because that is how liberals dehumanize the fetus to make it more acceptable, in their mind, to kill it.

I notice you didn’t actually address the issue I posted about. Very neat deflection of the actual argument.

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    I will never understand why someone can have an abortion at 7-8 weeks because it’s not viable or it’s not human or...
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    Aww, I am honored! =)
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    no it’s not just a clump of cells it’s a tasty clump of cells
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    ^ I agree with my twin.
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    Human fetus = human Human fetus = person (also human) Human fetus’ rights ≠ or > pregnant person’s rights
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