1. white-brite:

    So is there even any comparison? Ann Romney chose to stay at home and “raise children” as her husband did all the work. Feminist? I think not. She popped out some babies and fed them. Wow. 

    Michelle Obama? Working woman AND mother. She was able to do both. She could live and support herself wihtout a man. 

    Seriously guys, Ann Romney is a joke to women. She did exactly as she was told and cleaned the house and let her husband screw her at night and impregnate her. Nothing special here.

    Michelle is the kind of woman I like as first lady. A true feminist. 

    Ann Romney raised 5 successful children and supported her husband through his very difficult years as Massachusetts governor.

    Michelle Obama gave up (or had revoked) her license to practice law in 1993, long before her two daughters were born. What work was she doing exactly during those years? Please, tell me.

    Michelle Obama now goes on lavish vacations on the tax payers dime and tells parents how to raise and feed their children.

    Ann Romney also has MS you bitch (I’m not nice to those that make fun of the disabled) and she still raised her children herself. She also had breast cancer in 2008 while still being the most visible of all the nominee’s wives. She ran children’s charities in Massachusetts while her husband was the Governor.

    I’d like to see how you would fair, being a working mother and raising children while having MS. Have you ever raised a child? I helped raise my sister and it is damn hard work.

    Ann Romney is an inspirational figure to women.

    You are an ignorant, rude, and ridiculous person. I don’t know where you left your brain, common sense, or tact, but I request you go find them now.

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      This is retarded. A TRUE feminist respects women’s right enough to let women make the choice whether or not to stay home...
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      ^^^ Love you! I completely agree. If I can be a SAHM mom when I have children, that is ABSOLUTELY what I’ll do.
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      "Ann Romney is a joke to women". Are you fucking serious?
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      I like how she tries to down play raising children by using “raise children”. The success of a woman has nothing to do...
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      lmao white-brite is a moron. ‘Hurr derr women deserve a choice! Unless that choice is to raise your kids and support...
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