1. I constantly get anon questions related to this. I get sick of reiterating my opinion over and over, because they don’t take the time to peruse my page (they just see ‘gay conservative’ and think “need to go ask what she thinks about gay marriage now”) No offense, but that’s just lazy. Here is a short breakdown of my feelings.

    On a personal level I would like to get married, certainly, but on a legal level I don’t think marriage should be part of the government at all.

    I truly think that marriage needs to be abolished from government and civil unions should take that place of them. Gay, straight, polygamous, etc. could have one and it would give the legal benefits for tax purposes and next of kin, child care, inheritance, hospital visitation, etc. It would not even have to be specifically for relationships of a sexual or amorous nature, two unmarried sisters or two unmarried bachelors could enter in to that arrangement to share their assets and for the tax benefits.

    Give marriage back to religious institutions, any and all types, without legal definition. The churches (of any sort, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, etc.) could then perform religious marriage ceremonies for anyone they choose too under their religious ideals. Gay, straight, polygamous, etc.

    For a slightly longer, more in depth, look at this opinion. Here are a couple of posts I’ve written on this for other websites.

    I really hate arguing semantics. That’s why the same-sex marriage debate frustrates me.

    Whose Your Daddy? Guess What? It’s Not the Government.

Gay, Conservative, and Proud.

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