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Anonymous asked:

Should we promote 'sex worker' as a profession like any other such as teacher, or should the position of prostitute remain in the realm it has historically been in?

I wouldn’t say we should promote is as being an ideal job, but I do think we should have a serious conversation on the benefits of legalizing prostitution.


I think I’m dying.

Remember, I want male strippers, a catfight, an inappropriate playlist (complete with “Highway to Hell”, “Buried Alive”, and “Another One Bites the Dust”), and an “impromptu” dance party where someone knocks over my coffin and I roll out into the party.

Oh, and then after that traumatizing day, I want to be cremated and have some of my ashes fed to people I hate.

This sounds like the best/most disturbing funeral ever.

VIDEO: Everything Biden mocked Romney for on the campaign trail has come true



The point of this post isn’t to bolster Mitt Romney.  This website has certainly pulled no punches when it comes to Mitt Romney’s liberal progressive policies.  However, what this video does show is how incredibly clueless and out of touch the Obama White House really is.

Here’s the video:

And what did Romney say about Iraq and Syria?  He said pulling the troops out of Iraq all at once would result in chaos and that Iraq and Syria were rapidly becoming the new hotbeds of Islamic terrorism in the world.  Every bit of that is true, and now we are paying the price.

Okay, you are hating on my man Romney, so let me get a little hacked off here.
None of the videos in the article you linked about him being a progressive actually work and as hard as I try, I can’t find any independent source that shows where and when he said what you claim he said.

Now at least two of them could very well be about the fact that he was running in Massachusetts (where running with an R after his name would be a burden) and you gave me no context in the post as to why or when or where he said this.
Which is really just par for the course on criticizing Romney.

So, in short, if you can’t keep your links up to date or bother to give actual facts…hush.




and here we have an example of someone with no regard for fellow humans

You find me offensive? I find your reaction funny. That’s why I am happier than you!

Also, try to ‘fuckin punch’ me because I offended your overly-sensitive ass and you’ll end up charged with assault and looking for someone to set your broken nose so fast that you even see it coming.

/smiles sweetly/

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