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Simple Snickerdoodles



The finished product, photo taken as I rushed out the door to go to dinner.

My family loves cookies and we love cookies that are fast to make and bake even more, which makes this cookie recipe a favorite in my house. They are fast to mix up, fast to cook, and they stay chewy and soft for days…if they last that long.

We got the original recipe from a Christmas cookie recipe book and my mom and I…

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The first recipe on my cooking blog.
It’s painfully simple, but that’s kind of the point of A Convenient Cook.


Anonymous asked:

tbh i think most gays are conservatives at heart. those who were unfortunate enough to vote liberal were likely just whipped up by the movement for "marriage equality". as if enshrining it in law will make people accept it. lol

I have actually inquired about this with gay people in the past and very few actually had any clue what other liberal policies were or had any other support for liberal causes. Some were caught up in the whole “war on women” and “wage equality” bullshit and a few were hardcore socialists (which is funny considering the poor treatment of gays under most socialist regimes) on issues, but most are just simple minded one issues voters.


Imagine a world without….


Imagine a world without Jews:

The sciences, technology have all taken major steps backwards, (possibly even ethics and philosophy depending on how far back you want to go), mortality rates are likely higher, quality of living probably lower, overall it’s a much worse place to live…

Now imagine a world without Anti-Semites:

As Anti-Semitism is the force that seems to bind the majority of fascists, socialists, communists, racists, fanatics of almost every religion…you would have a world with far fewer wars, much lower crime, and much more efficient societies as we wouldn’t have to be wasting money dealing with all the chaos this scum causes.

Think about it, and if you’re an Anti-Semite, may I suggest you find the nearest freeway and consider the wisdom of the phrase “sometimes you have to lean into the strike zone and take one for the team”


Anonymous asked:

How can you be gay and a conservative? Conservatives are against gay marriage if you weren't aware. They're also against allowing women to do what they want with their own bodies, so considering that you're a gay woman, I'd have to say you're pretty much betraying everything you say you represent. Fuck you and good day.

A.) you didn’t even try to read my opinion gay marriage that is clearly written out in an easily accessible link on my blog, so you are a clearly a moron.

B.) No, conservatives are for women taking responsibility for themselves and not acting like their sex lives are something that everyone should be paying for. 

C.) What do I claim to represent? Besides conservatism, which you know jack shit about? I don’t claim to represent women (I hate modern feminism with a passion) and I don’t claim to represent the majority of gay people (most of whom get on my nerves because of their stupid loyalty to Democrats who couldn’t give a shit about them). I’m not some little gay female toy for you to shove in an easily labelled box so you can tell me what I’m allowed to believe or think.

Fuck you and your self-important attitude that makes you think anyone gives a shit about your opinion. 


Anonymous asked:

Is it racist if I would only ever date a person within my ethnicity/race?

Depends on your reasoning I guess. If your reason is because you view other races as disgusting or lower than you, you are probably racist. 

If you don’t because you simply are attracted more to the features of your own race vs. some other race, then I wouldn’t call you racist. It’s no different than having an attraction toward people with brown hair or freckles. 

mrsrandallboggs replied to your post “are you against interracial marriage?”

What races are you attracted to? Just out of curiosity? (That wasn’t me btw)


I don’t really know, all my previous girlfriends were white, but that’s just coincidence. I’m pretty equal opportunity in the people I send messages to on OkCupid and such. 

I guess if I’m attracted to a person I just am, I’ve never really considered race much of a factor. 

Though apparently I have a thing for Jewish women, but hey…don’t we all?*

*But it’s more that I happen to develop crushes (or start dating someone) and then later find out they are Jewish, it’s not some weird thing where I only seek out Jewish women. Wanted to clear that up, because, otherwise, creeeeepy.

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