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hopespeaktwerkteam asked:

Did you hear all the feminists' hearts shatter when Lana Del Ray said she didn't give a shit about feminism and instead was more interested in space and astronomy? I heard about it on Red Eye and though I'm normally indifferent to Lana, it pushed her a bit more into the "liked" territory in my mind.

I liked the song she recorded for Maleficent (Once Upon A Dream) but I’m not a big fan of her music, but it did make me a cheer a bit. The number of female artists who have decided to publicly say they don’t really give a shit about feminism is growing. 

Obamacare Opens The Door For Employers To Watch Their Workers’ Waistlines


Individuals report that employers are giving financial incentives on health care premiums in exchange for personal health information. And the more the employees give, the more the employers ask for.
One hospital employee, who wished to be identified only as Martin, said his employer initially offered a break on health insurance costs in exchange for information about his weight and whether he smokes.

“Now that’s not enough. They want us to use a Fitbit that monitors how many steps we take each day, how many fruit and vegetables I eat. It’s all too much. It’s none of my employer’s business,” he said.

@ancap-princess replied to your post “Hi, I really liked your view on abortion. It was well thought out and highly logical. However, it seems to me we hear a great deal about a “woman’s right to chose. However, she didn’t become pregnant by herself. We never seem to give a voice to the men who fathered these “to be” aborted babies. I’d like your thoughts on why our culture dismisses the voice of men in this issue. Her body also carries part of him, so shouldn’t he also have a say?”

u got something against BDSM?

Umm, no. I could get into TMI territory, but I’ll just say “not at all” with no further explanation except that I have fond memories of a specific girlfriend’s particular kinks.

No, what I have a problem with is Planned Parenthood telling 15 year old girls that they should get into BDSM (using 50 Shades of Grey as a guide, jfc) with their older boyfriend and recommending they read up on how to whip someone and how to dress like a dominatrix. 

THAT I have a problem with, yes.


Anonymous asked:

How come the liberals suddenly care about the illegal children now? They could've gone and helped the kids when they were in their own country. Why suddenly want to help them after they ran across the border? Nothing was stopping the liberals from helping the kids from other countries before.

Ummm, I’m going to channel a liberal here (or maybe a left leaning libertarian, they are hard to differentiate) so bear with me.


Umm, like, it’s like, because America isn’t the world’s…person. We don’t need to get involved in other country’s problems, because we are an evil empire that uses our money and influence to steal resources and stuff when we go to “help” another country. We just have to wait for the people to get here to help them, because, you know, our country is just so awesome that everyone wants to get here and have a chance to live here and we should just give them everything they want because that’s, like, how America works you know?


Anonymous asked:

So, will you marry me? I totally agree with everything you said. Unfortunately I am in Georgia and I am not sure a long distance relationship would work. but thanks for your website and wit. Love it....a single libertarian lesbian in Georgia.

Hmm, interesting proposal. 

Can you keep me in the manner to which I am accustomed? (AKA: High speed internet, cable news access, coca-cola products, and a nice kitchen?) Because I have to have standards, you know?


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I really liked your view on abortion. It was well thought out and highly logical. However, it seems to me we hear a great deal about a "woman's right to chose. However, she didn't become pregnant by herself. We never seem to give a voice to the men who fathered these "to be" aborted babies. I'd like your thoughts on why our culture dismisses the voice of men in this issue. Her body also carries part of him, so shouldn't he also have a say?

part 2: My believe is that, yes, you have a right to choose. But I find it hypocritical to want the freedom to have sex, but then demand society pay for eliminating the consequences of your choice. My two cents for what it’s worth….

I hope that ‘part 2’ section is part of your ask anon…I didn’t have any ‘part 1’ asks floating around and it was sent around the same time…

I have to say that I actually don’t have an answer for your first question. It’s an extremely complicated one and one that, I admit, I haven’t given a lot of thought too. You have made a good point and I’ll have to consider that in the future and see if I can find a good answer.

As for part 2: I agree. I think one of the first things we need to assure is that tax payers and unequivocally not paying for abortions. If that’s something someone wants to donate too, they can do it with their own money and leave mine out of it. 

Given the complete mishandling of just about everything (from sex education on out) that Planned Parenthood has been perpetrating recently, I’d almost go so far as to say we need to cut all funding to them…at least until they are willing to NOT go around telling teenage girls to read 50 Shades of Grey and watch porn and get involved in BDSM with their boyfriends. 


Anonymous asked:

Whilst I do respect your ideals concerning Gaza and it's civilians, I don't think you understand what it's like to be held hostage and used as a human shield as a line of defence against missiles. These people are not oppressed simply because they don't pack up and leave, it's because they are forced to stay there. it's very easy to say "If I was there I'd be leading a rebellion against my oppressors" but you can't know what it's like to have a choice between death by execution, or by missile.

If it were me then I would much rather got to my grave knowing I had done all I could do to protect my family, rather than sitting back and letting terrorists put them in harms way.

However, you are right, I can’t understand what it’s like to be a citizen there. Why? Because I can’t imagine a situation in which I hated another race of people so badly, that I voted a terrorist organization in as my government and let them deplete my country’s resources completely just so they could have a religious grudge match with someone else. 

So yeah, I guess I can’t understand what it’s like there. I lack the ability to empathize with people who seem to be just fine with children’s programming for their area being comprised of lessons about how killing Jews is what Gazan children are born for. I do lack the ability to understand that. 

a reply to a shitty post


Why, yes indeed tumblr user.

Fox news is very much ignorant.

And totally racist.

Never entertaining the liberal/democrat views.

Definitely always comprised of white men.

Who are Christian.

And are all most definitely republican. 

Not to mention they’re very sexist.

Because you never see a woman who ISN’T blonde with blue eyes.

Yes, dear tumblr user.

You are so right about everything.


itsrainingcatsandblogs asked:

I just wanted to say that I really, really respect your thoughts on abortion. Being pro-choice myself, it's so refreshing to see a conservative who wouldn't choose abortion herself and isn't necessarily supportive of it, but understands why some women feel it's necessary. The fact that you're so civil and mature about the topic (and don't use the term "murdering babies" or wish death threats on pro-choicers) is awesome. I wish more people (on both sides of the debate) behaved the way you do.

Thank you, I’m pretty sure I need to do some updates on my views of the issue (it’s been a couple of years since I wrote those up) but they haven’t changed all that much. I think you might be describing my views as a little more socially liberal than they actually are, but you got it close enough.

Thanks again!


Anonymous asked:

By defending Israel, you are making the same argument of Osama bin Laden. By claiming that it is justified in killing Gazan civilians, because they elected Hamas, it is the same rationale as bin Laden, when he wrote a letter to the U.S, explaining why U.S citizens where legitimate targets: "Americans are the ones who choose their government their own free will; a choice which stems from their agreement to its policies. Thus Americans have consented to, continuous oppression of Palestinians."

That’s bullshit, not even close to a rational comparison. Let me explain why.

Osama Bin Laden was TARGETING American civilians. He wasn’t targeting military targets and having some civilian targets as a result of those military targets being in and around highly populated civilian areas.

Also, despite his bullshit claims to the contrary neither our current administration nor our previous ones (based on my understanding) had done jack squat to them to deserve retaliation. In fact we HELPED them against Russia.

Israel, on the other hand, has put up with endless rocket barrages targeted toward purely civilian areas for years. Not only has Hamas been attacking them endlessly, but they have also been using their civilian population as human shields.

I never claimed they were ‘justified’ in killing Gazan civilians, only that they are unfortunate casualties that HAMAS has purposefully put in harms way. Israel DOES do it’s best to reduce civilian casualties, unlike Osama Bin Laden who was intent on killing as many civilians as he could.

And you know what, the people in Gaza HAVE consented to the oppression they are receiving, by allowing Hamas to use them as human shields. If my government was using my family, my home, or my school as a shield to protect themselves from being attacked, there would be hell to pay. The people of Gaza have just as much (actually more) responsibility for ensuring their own safety as Israel does. Maybe they need to stand up and do what they need to do to get rid of a terrorist regime that is TRYING to get them killed.

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